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Windsor International: an exclusive dating agency throughout Europe, your experience is our priority. Are you successful in business, but you have little time to find that special match? Or are you divorced and would very much like to find a new love? Luxury dating at Windsor International brings you into contact with high-class singles and guides you from beginning to end in the exclusive dating process.

Windsor International brings wishes and reality together with a professional romantic approach. We ensure that you are put into contact with potential matches, after which you can go your own way. Flexibility and a personal approach are central. We will ensure the quality of your dates with professional coaching. High-class dating thus becomes an unforgettable experience.

Are you ready for the next step in your life?


Windsor International is located throughout Europe. Based on your preferences, we select and introduce inspiring and well-matched dates. Our discretion goes without saying

Coaching for a personal approach

Luxury dating requires a personal approach. Millionaire dating, premium dating and exclusive dating have one thing in common: Coaching is incredibly important in order to guide clients well and to provide tips and recommendations during the process. If you are looking for a like-minded life partner, but you have little time, then Windsor International is your matchmaking agency. Our method is client-focused, personal and professional.

Our method, step by step

If you would like to get to know our clients, then we call you for an introductory conversation. Following this conversation, an appointment will be scheduled, so that we can guide you personally. During this appointment, we conduct an extensive interview with you. Depending on your specific wishes and preferences where potential matches are concerned. This way, we get a good view and we search our network for high-class singles who could be a possible match. We make a complete client profile in order to simplify the search.

Potential matches are presented to you and reviewed with you, after which we introduce the two parties to each other. Is there a mutual click, and would you like to get to know your match? Then a first date follows. You can set up this date entirely according to you own wishes. In order to guide you as well as possible during the process, date coaching is an important part of our approach. After your date, we will contact you and discuss any roadblocks, and we provide valuable feedback.  

Exclusive dating with Windsor International

Clients take a one-year membership with us. In this period, you will be introduced to several of our singles. If you quickly find the partner of your dreams, then you can temporarily pause your membership. If it later appears that you have not found a lasting match, then you can pick up where you left off and begin meeting new matches again.

About us

Windsor International stands for exclusivity, luxury and a personal approach. Finding your perfect match is not a simple task. In particular when your career plays a big role in your daily life, finding a potential partner can be difficult. Windsor International brings premium dating closer in an extraordinary world full of opulence, while you enjoy customised service.

The strengths of Windsor

Windsor International took off not long ago; even so, there is a long history behind it. An interesting combination of romantic commerce and business instincts makes Windsor International a noteworthy enterprise. Hind Bouchlal was a model in the past, has ample experience in sales and today specialises in the practice and theory of exclusive dating. Windsor International can thus be called a commercial powerhouse.

Personal dating through coaching

Luxury dating means exclusive dating with high-class singles from across Europe. Windsor International provides the personal touch with an introductory meeting. Coaching is central throughout the entire process. We help you step by step with the preparation for any dates. By means of an comprehensive interview, we search our large yet personal network for the right match. From here, you determine how you want to proceed. If you prefer to keep hold of the reins, that is certainly possible. We can also guide you before and after your dates, in order to review together what your experiences are. Date coaching ensures that premium dating is not only personal, exclusive and discrete, but also helps you towards a successful outcome.

Our members

The network of Windsor International is large and personal. Within our network, a potential match can be found quickly. High-class, professional singles are sought on the basis of their qualities and exclusive characteristics. This ensures that, as a client, you can rely on a discrete and personal approach, where matches will be sought on the basis of your client profile. Our members differ from each other in many ways, but they all have one thing in common: they are successful in what they do, and they want to share this success with a like-minded partner.

Exclusive dating for men and women

Our members are typically busy with work-related matters and have difficulty finding an equal match. Windsor International is an exclusive dating agency that makes luxury dating and premium dating possible for those who do not have the time to manage that on their own. We guide both men and women in the entire process: from first meeting to a first date, and coaching throughout the entire year.

Date coaching

Professional coaching is one of our keys to making luxury dating possible. Where many dating agencies only attend to the introducing of potential matches, at Windsor International we make a personal effort. By also contacting you after your dates, we can guide you optimally and provide feedback in the on-going search for potential new matches.


Windsor International has expanded its business outside the borders of the Netherlands. You find us not only in the Netherlands and Benelux, we are also active as an exclusive dating agency in Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Scandinavia. Our members also come from different countries in Europe, which ensures a rich, exclusive and personal network that is spread across the entire continent.

Always nearby

As an organisation, we are always nearby when you need us. Windsor International is present at a number of Key Events in Europe, where we can personally guide you from start to finish. In addition, our flexible method ensures that your personal schedule and preferences are considered for introductory and feedback points. Your schedule is the starting point for our personal approach and date coaching. Would you like to know more about our method and personal approach? Windsor International is happy to provide you with more information about exclusive dating throughout Europe.

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